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Carpets Cleaning Melbourne

Carpets form the most part of our residential and work space flooring. Getting it cleaned once in a while is essential for keeping the premises clean of dirt and dust that you cant get rid of with just a vacuum. Read More..

Rugs Cleaning Melbourne

We all have rugs where we cant have carpets to cover a portion that tends to get most of the dirt, like around that coffee table, front entrance, hallways, living rooms, or other areas. Lets clean them. Read More..

Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

Upholstery is all furniture covered with various sort of fabrics giving it a nice beautiful look instead of just simple wood. We steam clean these upholstery fabrics without the need to put them in a washing machine. Read More..

Mattress Cleaning Melbourne

They tend to get dirty over a period of time with regular daily usage. Since they are mostly covered under layers of bedsheets, they mostly go unnoticed. Call us for a good clean they are due for. Read More..

Curtains & Blinds Cleaning Melbourne

Ever wondered how tough it can be to clean those fabric blinds or curtain drapes in a washing machine when they get dirty. We steam cleaning them with non toxic chemicals at your place without taking them down. Read More..

Car Interiors Steam Cleaning Melbourne

First point of contact of the dirt is your car interiors, the moment you step inside after a walk outside. You seldom realize what you just brought in with under your shoes. Call us for steam clean at your place. Read More..

Flooding Restoration Melbourne

Next time you forget a tap running somewhere in your house, or that plumbing breaksdown, or washing machine or dishwasher overflows flooding your precious carpets, call us in emergency for a clean. Read More..

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All jobs performed by our cleaners are centered around our customer ensuring a complete satisfaction everytime you get your cleaning job rendered by us. Book Online..